Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Your logo is often the first thing people see about your business, and is on every piece of marketing material you print… so make it memorable! From complete identity creation to logo touch ups, we can take care of you from start to finish.

Here are some tips to think about when planning the direction of your business, and prepare for your design meeting:



CMYK PMS ChartChoose a color palette that mirrors the look and feel of your business. For example: if you are a winery, you would probably want deep colors, as opposed to pastels. Make sure your colors are in the same family. Colors carry meanings and and communicate the feel of your brand.

  • RED = Emotionally intense. High visibility, quick decisions. Passion, Love, Strength
  • ORANGE = Energy, enthusiasm, creativity, enjoyment.
  • YELLOW = Creates a warming effect. Happiness, cheerful, fresh, joy.
  • GREEN = Symbolizes nature. Growth, harmony, healing, safety.
  • BLUE = Promotes the feeling of stability, tranquility, and seriousness.
  • BLACK = Power, elegance, formality.


  • Follow your color guidelines.
  • Simple is better.
  • Consider proportion, symmetry, and balance.
  • You can have different versions of your logo for different spaces. For example:
Horizontal Logo

Horizontal Logo

LFC Stacked Logo

Stacked Logo

LFC Small Logo

Small Logo


Corporate Identity:

Build your brand. What is the overall image your company portrays? The identity of your business is the entire picture. Your logo, style, and look should be similar across the board. Someone looking at your business card, should also be able to look at your webpage, your Facebook page, your yelp page, and grab your brochure and easily identity it is from your company. We design across the board so the same message is sent with each piece.