Marketing / Consulting

Moving Your Business to the Next Level

MarketingMany small business out there don’t have the time or knowledge to handle all their marketing needs, but they need the business it brings in. We can create a marketing consulting package to suite your specific needs.

We can help you learn to promote your business yourself, and measure the results so you see what elements work for you. We also help review your competitors standings – you can see what works for them, and get ideas on how to move yourself to the next level.


Our recommendations in the various markets:

  • Print: Creating unification across your brand image
  • Website: Page design, keyword marketing, SEO, linking
  • Online Presence: Do you have a presence across the board to be noticed? Have you cross linked to your website? We provide recommendation, updates, and training in Linked In (personal and business pages), Facebook, Google+, Twitter, local business pages.
  • Marketing: Do you have print campaigns or online email marketing campaigns?

We also provide an overall analysis of current market standing to see where there are opportunities for streamlining and optimization.

  • Implementation of updates – online or in print.
  • Cross channel marketing.
  • Full training on online social media or email marketing platforms.
  • Ongoing campaigns for social media maintenance and email marketing.