Using Color

Color & Meaning

Many people pick colors because of their attraction to it – however did you know that colors have a double meaning? Let’s dive a bit deeper into the psychology of the hues….

  • RED: Passion, power, excitement, and urgency. Think Clearance signs, fast food restaurants (to get you to hurry up and leave!), and passionate or romantic themes, such as Valentines Day.
  • ORANGE: Aggression, energy. Think most call to action buttons on websites
  • YELLOW: Optimism, joy, happiness, brightness, and youthfulness. Grabs the clients attention.
  • GREEN: Nature, restfulness, prosperity, wealth, and vitality. This color is the easiest for the eye to process.
  • BLUE: Peace, patience, loyalty, security, trust, and tranquility. Often used for banks and professional businesses.
  • PURPLE: Soothing, calming, sophistication, and wisdom. Often used for beauty products.
  • PINK: Romantic, feminine, vibrant, and fun. Great for products aimed towards women and young girls.
  • BROWN: Nature, solid, reliable. Most attractive to men.
  • BLACK: Elegant, powerful, sleek, and mystery. Often used for fashion and luxury products.
  • WHITE: Light, innocence, and purity. Health care professionals also use to portray cleanliness.