Outsourced Marketing

Is Marketing a core practice of your business?

If the answer to that is no – then outsourcing your marketing is an efficient business practice. You can opt to outsource all of your marketing efforts, or a partial campaign. The following are 4 reasons you should outsource all or some of your marketing:

  1. You are lacking in a specific area or expertise. Say you are great at press releases, but not at social media. This is a great area to farm out – you spend more time on the area you know, and let an expert manage the skills you are missing.
  2. It’s not in your budget to hire a trained and experienced marketing professional. Whether you are a start up or simply a small business, not everyone has it in their bandwidth to hire on a marketing employee at a 6 figure salary – especially when you may not need all of the functions. At much less than the cost of one full-time executive, you can get a team of experts.
  3. Frees up your time to focus on your core business practices. If you are not trained in nuances of marketing, you may find it distracts you from your key activities. Due to the lack of expertise, you’ll spend too much time on items that could be completed more efficiently by a professional, and takes your time away from the rest of the business.
  4. Brings in more sales. Many companies have a website or a social media page, but they aren’t set up properly or updated content. If it is done right, and frequently, then your website and social media pages will help with brand consistency and bring in new clients.

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